Digital marketing trends and predictions for 2021

We are about to come to the end of 2020, a difficult year, full of challenges and changes. A year that forced us to modify the way we were used to work from one day to another, and to implement every skill and knowledge in order to survive. Still, we made it, we learned so […]

Remarketing: the best end-of-year strategy

Remarketing is a strategy that allows you to work on specific and personalized advertising campaigns for users who have already visited your website. This strategy focuses on optimizing ROI, reaching users that for some reason haven’t completed the conversion. December is the most expected month for businesses, since many of you already know, Christmas enhances […]

How to create a great customer experience

Creating a well-crafted customer experience strategy is essential. Consumers want to feel good about their purchase and know they are making the best decision when navigating a site. Today, most online retailers offer self-service platforms where customers interact with the brand as they look for the product, service or information they would like to acquire. […]


If you are thinking about starting a new business and are looking to implement a marketing strategy to potentialize results, you’ve probably heard about SEM and SEO. If not, or if you are having doubts about these terms, don’t worry! Here we will talk about the main differences between both terms. It is important to […]

Three aspects you need to consider in order to be successful with a startup

A startup is a company that arises from a great idea, or like Michael Wolfe, founder of several companies says: “It is possible to create a good idea, but great startups are often the result of ideas that look ridiculous before knowing they will work”. These companies start small, with the goal of becoming profitable […]

How to make the most out of your social media?

Today we have a great variety of tools we can use on our social media strategies. However,there are certain aspects that are essential for our social media to have high performance andyou obtain the desired outcome.Establish your goalsIf you are considering on entering the social media world it is very likely you already have yourproduct […]

How Instagram can help your business grow

Instagram has proven to be a useful platform for B2B companies.However, it is very important to have an effective marketing strategy to boost engagement,reach more users and convert leads.Recent updates on Instagram have allowed brands to have a nice feed, in a way that some evenuse it as a “landing page” for their community. How […]

The importance of Inbound Marketing and its four stages explained

Inbound Marketing is a methodology that consists on attracting customers, before they are even ready to convert by creating a valuable and personalized content experience. Inbound Marketing forms connections in order to convert customers, keep the ones you already have and promote your business. Traditional or Outbound Marketing techniques are not very effective. People no […]

Getting through COVID-19

Today, companies from all shapes and sizes are struggling to keep afloat with COVID-19 outbreak. Needless to say, the complicated situation is encouraging businesses to understand the importance of being present on digital platforms, social media, and having a well-established strategy to survive these uncertain times. Understanding how the crisis is going to impact your […]

How to start getting results with a digital marketing campaign

Digital marketing has surely come a long way and its ready to become one of the most potent form of marketing in 2020. Being present in the digital world allows us to boost and explore different strategies that are applicable for all kinds of businesses. This doesn’t mean traditional marketing is dead, but it sure […]