Pop culture as a strategy for social media

Pop culture is about appearance, behavior, beliefs, habits, and preferences that define people in any society. It has impregnated everything we do and see, from social media to fashion trends, food, memes, and everything we are attracted to. Thanks to the Internet, from a movie to a tv show, a meme or a particular type […]

Are you familiar with Instagram Avatars?

In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook’s parent company, the owner of other platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp, will now be called Meta, creating a “Metaverse” ad integrating new functions to take social media to the next level. On their behalf, Instagram has launched a new function that allows you to create 3D customizable […]

8 trends we will see in 2022

Social media still surprises us with its constant evolution, from its continuous growth with digital communities to the relevance it has taken by connecting with our audience. Like every year, new trends hit social media. And if we know how to use them correctly, we will be able to boost our digital marketing strategy to […]

Oh, chronological feed, welcome back!

A few weeks ago, Instagram director, Adam Mosseri, announced via Twitter some exciting changes the platform will have, and even though we still don’t know when these will launch, they look promising. Continue Reading to learn more! As we already know, a few years ago (2010), Instagram was chronologically showing our feed. However, in 2016 […]

New year, new trends

2022 is close, and with it, some changes for marketing in the digital world. The new year is the ideal moment to start fresh, improve, and keep learning. But this doesn’t only apply to people, but businesses and trends in general. As we all know, as new technologies, techniques, and algorithms arise, the digital scene […]

Four essential elements to create a design

All designers have heard, at least once, that the design needs a “punch.” When we hear that, we twist like skillet steak on a pan because the tools and apps we have at hand are not enough to give it a “punch”; it requires knowledge and experience to communicate the message correctly. Today we want […]

Say hello to Instagram TV

Have you heard about Instagram’s new feature? If not, don’t worry we will tell you everything you need to know about it…It’s time to say goodbye to IGTV.After three years, IGTV leaves to welcome its new and improved version.Say hello to the newest video feature of Instagram, Instagram TV.First of all, we want to talk [...]

A place for inspiration (in the digital world)

It fills me with joy to have been invited to collaborate and write an article about my project in this beloved blog. Thank you for sharing the space with me. I’ll introduce myself briefly. My name is Moisés Schwartzman, I’m a graduate from Graphic Design at Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. Currently, I’m a designer at […]

How to create and implement a successful digital marketing strategy

Having a business online goes above and beyond having a good selling product. If you want to see an increase in your sales and grow your clients, it is necessary to implement a good digital marketing strategy. But if you are not familiarized with what a good digital marketing strategy means, don’t worry! Here we […]

7 tips to improve the ranking for your Instagram feed

In the last post, we talked about the different ways the new algorithm works. Now that we know how to be more relevant and reach more people, it’s time to give you some additional tips to increase your followers and make your account stand out. How can you do it? Simple, by generating more interactions. […]