With the arrival of COVID-19 we have had to adapt our lives into a new reality.

And just like us, companies have had to look for new ways to attract their audience.

In the digital marketing world these changes haven’t been the exception.

A recent study from HubSpot analyzed how Email Marketing was impacted during the pandemic, resulting in interesting findings.

At the start of the pandemic, while Email Marketing campaigns focused on sales decreased 21%, mails focused on valuable content, for example: newsletters, blog posts, news and discounts increased 21%.

Email Marketing was already one of the most efficient strategies to enable conversation and interact with people, however, since March 2020, the use of emails increased, resulting in a great opportunity to implement or improve the content of campaigns.

What the study shows, is that the behavior of users has changed.

Now we have to find the way to continue attracting our audience without spamming with Email campaigns focused on sales.

People are becoming more appreciative of valuable content, and how it was shown in the study, Email Marketing continues to be one of the most effective resources to connect with your audience; we just have to evaluate the strategy and successfully address this new normality.

What can you do to continue working and increasing you Email Marketing campaigns?

  1. Adapt the necessity of your product or service. With all these changes we have been living, it is important to see how people are behaving, in order to define the communication strategy.
  2. Provide valuable content. It is not always about hard sell, as we saw in the study mentioned above, people are showing more interest for valuable content that provides information.
  3. Be transparent, especially nowadays. Remember to always provide clear and precise information, it is a great way to forge a link and strengthen your relationship with users.
  4. Connect with your audience. Taking care of your audience and building confidence will keep your brand in their top of mind and will make them loyal towards you.



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