As time passes we become more accustomed to terms like CPC, SEO or CPA in our everyday life, but that doesn’t mean investing in Google Ads makes us feel 100% comfortable. There are so many variables and ways to place an ad, that it is very easy to do it incorrectly. Here we have four mistakes you must avoid.

Not using the correct match for your keywords

There are three categories to define how Google users can find us through the search engine: broad match, phrase match and exact match. Most people never set this part, and that makes us lose money and possible clients. We must select the best match for the word. If we choose broad match, the website will show when users search in Google some of the keywords, no matter the order. Phrase match will show the website to those who search the keywords in the exact order you organized them. Lastly, exact match will show ads when someone searches in the keywords, exactly as we preset them. 

Lack of extensions

If you don’t have or don’t update your ad extensions, you would be making a huge mistake. It is very important to guide your audience to a specific section within your website that might interest them; whether it is a contact number of your business or a location. This way we will give our users more information about our company, and therefore, more reasons to get clicks.

Not using negative keywords

Google processes around six million keywords daily, from which 15% of 100% of everyday are new ones. This means they are not registered in Google. It is very important to use the section of negative keywords in order to exclude those who are not related to our website, and will only be draining our budget. They key is on the quality of clicks, not the quantity.

Not bidding for the name of our brand

Most people argue brand related keywords don’t bring much traffic or that the search volume is very low. However, in order to create brand loyalty and conversions, it is essential to bid for the name of our brand. The value of this grows exponentially with the popularity of the name of the brand on the Internet and social media.

Also, we protect ourselves from the competition.

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