Today, companies from all shapes and sizes are struggling to keep afloat with COVID-19 outbreak.

Needless to say, the complicated situation is encouraging businesses to understand the importance of being present on digital platforms, social media, and having a well-established strategy to survive these uncertain times. Understanding how the crisis is going to impact your business is decisive; continue working the best way you can with the unexpected.

It is also very important to evaluate the message and tone you use to communicate. We have to consider people are struggling in multiple ways, and these simple marketing decisions you make are essential for how users will see and value the content and visuals you provide.

Decide what is important and what’s not.

Major campaign launches, new product announcements, and everything you planned a few months ago must be held back. We must prioritize our digital marketing campaigns and look for ways to help during the health crisis.

We also understand businesses are having a hard time getting through the outbreak, and as everybody, we have expenses to cover. However, it is not the time to profit from fear and uncertainty. Consider offering discounts, extending deadlines for payments, offering knowledge and experience to help others, in every possible way you can. People and businesses will never forget that.

Highlight how your brand or company can help. Tell a positive story, communicate accurate information and create helpful content. Collaborate with other brands, be empathetic.

Use every digital tool available that can help your business. We are talking about communicating with employees, video conferences, staying afloat, and keeping everything running as best as you can.

Remember, the struggle is real, and when all this is over, companies and brands will continue struggling because the world and way of life as we knew it, will probably take a giant shift.

People will be spending more time at home, they will probably use online entertainment and learning service more often, and last, but not least, they will be making most purchases online.

But hey, with every crisis comes an opportunity.