Ever since Instagram left behind the chronological feed, the way its algorithm works has been a mystery for many. However, once you understand how it works, you can implement a content strategy that works perfectly.

Interestingly, the algorithm works in different ways for every section of Instagram, therefore staying up to date will help you make the most out of your account.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know.


The algorithm and the feed.

To decide which posts will be shown on the feed, 5 key factors influence:

  • What you see on your feed is a combination of all your Instagram behaviors, from the accounts you interact with and the people that tag you, to the type of posts you like and comment.
  • The algorithm looks to prioritize posts from your friends, family and accounts you are interested in; therefore it focuses on showing you accounts you will like, people you message with, accounts you actively look for, and people you know in real life. 
  • The algorithm not only pays attention to the engagement of your posts, but it also analyses how long ago you published it.
  • If you scroll around Instagram frequently, your feed will look more chronological, but if you spend less time on the app, your feed will sort posts in a way Instagram thinks you might like.
  • It all depends on the amount of accounts you follow, but the algorithm will show your most active following.


The algorithm and stories.

Usually, stories that appear at the start of your feed are form the accounts you interact the most, whether that’s through likes, comments, views, reactions or DMs.

If you interact a lot with a specific account, its new stories will appear at the beginning of your feed, leaving behind the ones from other accounts that you haven’t even seen.


The algorithm and Explore Page.

The algorithm used for the Explore page is very similar to the one on the feed, since both will show content Instagram thinks you might like, based on your prior interactions.

However, while the feed will show you content from accounts you follow, the Explore page will allow you to see new accounts.

The algorithm in the Explore page also takes in consideration the use of hashtags and keywords, to discover relevant content for you.


The algorithm, IGTV and Reels.

The algorithm for this section prioritizes content from the accounts you interact the most, as well as the type of posts you usually engage with.

Instagram will show you content you might like based on a machine learning model.


Now that you know how the algorithm works for each section, its time to test it and start creating relevant and valuable content to reach more people.

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