Instagram has proven to be a useful platform for B2B companies.
However, it is very important to have an effective marketing strategy to boost engagement,
reach more users and convert leads.
Recent updates on Instagram have allowed brands to have a nice feed, in a way that some even
use it as a “landing page” for their community. How so? Especially small businesses have been
struggling in the last few months, and some of them have found a way to work on a powerful
and effective marketing strategy that allows them to exhibit their goods through the app.
These updates play a significant role in allowing these businesses to stay afloat and continue
Support small business
Adding this sticker to your stories not only allows users to get a preview of your brand, but they
will also be added to a shared story with similar content promoting small businesses.
Instagram shops
Making it easy for you to sell products within the app.
This is completely different from tagging shoppable products on your feed. With Instagram
Shops users can browse products or collections, just as they would do on your site. They can
even make the purchase through the app, which makes it much more convenient and easy for
Sharing live videos to IGTV
IGTV has been picking up in the last months, and now the content you provide through Live
Videos, can now be saved in your IGTV. This way, more people can view your content, engage
with it, and it will be saved on your profile, keeping it appealing to new viewers.
You cannot grow your account overnight and expect to have amazing results from one day to
another. But if you are consistent with your marketing strategy and you lean on every feature
available that might help you grow and reach more people. You can definitely have an amazing
profile and expect wonderful results.
Don’t know how to start? Contact us! We have the perfect plan for you.

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