It fills me with joy to have been invited to collaborate and write an article about my project in this beloved blog. Thank you for sharing the space with me.

I’ll introduce myself briefly. My name is Moisés Schwartzman, I’m a graduate from Graphic Design at Universidad Anáhuac México Norte. Currently, I’m a designer at The Marketplace, the best digital marketing agency in Mexico and the world. : )

I would like to talk about a personal project called “The Inspiration Journey”.

This project arises from a deep longing and the need to create a space for inspiration. I’ve always liked everything related to art, design, and creative expression, and when I was studying at the university I understood the infinite possibilities graphic design has to offer; a universe of ideas, projects, colors, fonts, formats, and finishes. I also started to realize I was developing several skills I always admired, and that now allowed me to express myself better and more accurately to my ideas.

I can’t remember when making notebooks came to me. What I can say is that I’ve always had great enthusiasm to create a product with one of my designs, and also, I know I’ve always been a lover of ink and paper and that unlike other young people today, I’ve always preferred to write my ideas by hand and be able to have a physical record of what I feel and think, so I can always go back to it.

With the help of my family, friends, teachers, and of course inspiration, this idea of making notebooks started taking shape, and I developed the brand “The Inspiration Journey”, as well as the first notebook collection with different illustrations made from collages and screen printing (I invite you to learn more about them on Instagram: @ourinspirationjourney).

About Instagram, today I recognize that launching this project has been a complete challenge for me. As many creatives may know, I’ve always enjoyed more the creative process than promotion and selling a product or service, however, diffusion and promotion on social media has been key to inspire others and create a space for inspiration.

Having a brand with a well-defined and executed graphic design concept, and having a proper marketing strategy can mark a before and after when we talk about launching a project.

This is where The Marketplace support has made the difference!

With their help, we were able to come up with a unique and attractive design proposal for social media, as well as creating a personalized digital marketing strategy to get people to know me, and above all, to be able to inspire more people.

What inspires you?

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