Today we have a great variety of tools we can use on our social media strategies. However,
there are certain aspects that are essential for our social media to have high performance and
you obtain the desired outcome.
Establish your goals
If you are considering on entering the social media world it is very likely you already have your
product or service ready. However, it is very important to establish your goals in order to define
the correct strategy.
Choose the social media that is right for you
There are several social media platforms, but that doesn’t mean all of them will work for you. It
is very important to analyze your goals and define your market in order to know which social
media platform is ideal for your product or service.
Content creation
Once you’ve covered the previous points, it is time to start creating valuable content for your
users. Remember! Nobody likes hard sell. Focus on providing interesting content and don’t
forget to include call to actions.
Make your account dynamic
Monotonous accounts usually bore followers. That is why it’s advisable to incorporate surveys,
polls, giveaways, lives, etc.
Videos also help to give life to your account. Video content is usually easier to swallow,
especially when we are talking about complex topics.
Use hashtags
It has been proven that the right use of hashtags not only helps categorize content, but it also
helps to have a greater reach. However, the use of hashtags is not efficient in every social
media platform. It is very important to work on your communication strategy and know when it
is right to use them, and when it is better to leave them out.
Advertising campaigns
Implementing advertising campaign within your strategy will allow you to reach your target
market in an efficient way and convert users according to established goals.
Remember advertising campaigns should be as specific as possible in order to have better
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