A few weeks ago, Instagram director, Adam Mosseri, announced via Twitter some exciting changes the platform will have, and even though we still don’t know when these will launch, they look promising.

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As we already know, a few years ago (2010), Instagram was chronologically showing our feed. However, in 2016 it became known that it probably wants the best option since most people were losing 70% of the content from the feed, which practically implicated half of its users’ posts.

That is why they decided to develop and implement a feed that classifies posts according to what interests us the most. It was then that we said goodbye to the chronological feed.

But in 2022, it comes as a surprise, and it seems like the chronological feed will come back, together with some other changes.

The three significant changes Instagram’s director mentioned are based on the way we will be able to navigate our feed since it will be divided into three different tabs:


1. Home. It will recommend what Instagram believes we will like.

2. Following. It will be an exclusive tab for people we follow, and it will show us content in a chronological way. Therefore, posting in peak hours will be essential again.

3. Favorites. Be careful! This will be the most important tab for businesses since we will have to encourage our followers to add us to their favorite tab; this way, we will have a greater reach.


Does this new format ring a bell? If your answer is yes, you are on the right path.

TikTok platform has been using this model since it launched, and thanks to its popularity, it has shown us that it works.

It is a big step for Instagram, but it will allow us to have suggested content while still having the following feed available to our followers.

What do you think? Do you like it?

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