It’s a new decade and with it come new digital marketing trends that will shape 2020 and change the way we have been creating content and managing social profiles for businesses.

 Content and social media aren’t the only things that are changing, users are also expecting more from businesses and are looking for more valuable content, and we are not only talking attractive images, but the copies that fulfill users’ needs, desires, and more.

Here we have some trends we will be seeing on 2020 and a few tips that might help you get around these new changes.

Hidden likes

We are all shocked with the latest news Instagram gave us last year, but it’s a fact; they will start to hide likes from posts in order to shift the visual content to written content and promote less-produced content on social media.

TIP: An attractive image will hook users, but good content will convert them.

TikTok is here

This new video-sharing app has become very popular with teenagers. The app has the same usage as Instagram Stories.

On 2020 we will be seeing a major influence on the type of content we see on Instagram, specially Instagram Stories.

TikTok is completely focused on real and unfiltered content.

TIP: Try it now! You’ll get lost browsing for fun and cool videos.

Shoppable posts

Although shoppable posts aren’t a new thing on Instagram, 2020 will be the year we will see an explosion of these feature thanks to the recent integration with third party apps and ecommerce marketing technology.

According to Instagram, the number of active worldwide users is 1 billion and 90% of them are following shopping brands.

TIP: Link your ecommerce with Instagram and start tagging your products today!

Interactive strategies

As marketers, we are always looking for new strategies to spice up our accounts.

Well, this year we will be seeing lots of interactive content in order to create conversation with users, convert and make social media for businesses much more fun.

TIP: Think out of the box. Nowadays you can really do anything you want to interact with users.

Conversational marketing

Life-like conversations are back!

Creating conversations with users, especially one-on-one, can really help improve your marketing strategy. You can get to know your audience so much better, you can understand its needs and desires, you can connect with them and offer a more human experience, and last, but not least, you can create better and more relevant content that will truly convert.

TIP: Benefit from one-on-one conversations and make the best out of your user experience.

These are only a few, and some of the most popular trends we will be seeing in 2020.

Now that you are aware of what you need to implement in your marketing strategy, start brainstorming for new ideas, think about creative and valuable content, and always offer the best user experience and customer service.