Pop culture is about appearance, behavior, beliefs, habits, and preferences that define people in any society. It has impregnated everything we do and see, from social media to fashion trends, food, memes, and everything we are attracted to.

Thanks to the Internet, from a movie to a tv show, a meme or a particular type of food can become an income in pop culture.

The great popularity of pop culture has created a unique advantage for small businesses that are looking to increase their awareness; therefore, they have constantly implemented marketing strategies.

Many companies and brands are now using pop references to attract clients and keep their attention in a vast world of trends and requirements in constant change.

How to incorporate pop culture into your strategy?

  1. Use images or videos to create a meme.

Memes are identifiable, sharable, and the perfect format to present and try pop culture content with your audience.

  1. Use trendy audio and music to create a Reel or a TikTok.

The use of trendy music fragments that go with your brand for your video content is a technique that works very well.

  1. Do Lives and share your comments.

Transmitting live during an important pop culture moment (like The Oscars) is an excellent way to share comments and connect with your community in real-time.

  1. Add some of the pop culture languages to your subtitles.

Think about what language from pop culture would go better with your audience.

You can incorporate a known slogan or wordplay. However, keep in mind your brand voice; do not sell your soul for a culture pop play.

It is important to consider not all pop culture moments have or must become social media content, and it is not always the right time for your brand to get involved.

However, when the right time comes, including references to pop culture in your social strategy shows your brand is agile and identifiable.

Now you know it, participating in culture is almost as important as having a positive brand perception.

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