We are about to come to the end of 2020, a difficult year, full of challenges and changes.

A year that forced us to modify the way we were used to work from one day to another, and to implement every skill and knowledge in order to survive.

Still, we made it, we learned so much more from digital media, user behavior, and how to benefit from a difficult situation that we are still living.

How can we prepare for 2021?

What do we need to consider in our digital marketing strategy?

Here we have some trends and predictions that might help you prepare for next year.


Video content… of course!

It doesn’t matter in which platform or format it is, what we do know is that it is going to be big. With the recent launch of Instagram Reels, it has been shown there is a great area of opportunity within growth and engagement.

The key is to focus on your target market in order for users to feel comfortable with your content.


Social Shopping

Instagram’s new features like Instagram Reels Shopping, Instagram Live Shopping and the recent partnership between TikTok and Shopify, will make users feel more comfortable while shopping through social platforms. That’s right, the shopping process will be easier and faster.


Valuable content

It is no secret users look for relevant and interesting content in each account; content that educates them and provides interesting topics.

This trend will continue on 2021, but of course, there are different ways to communicate this without boring your followers.

It’s time to get creative while designing carousel posts!



We often question ourselves if the use of memes within a marketing strategy is appropriate or not. Well the answer is yes. After such a difficult year, users are looking for an escape, and memes are an excellent choice. Just be careful how you use them, you don’t want to bore your followers or lose credibility.


Stories and more stories

Since this Instagram feature was launched on 2016 it hasn’t stopped growing.

Today more than 500 million people use stories every day in different social platforms.

Learn how the get put the best from your stories by creating original content!



Alliances will continue to be successful on 2021. Whether you go for influencers, micro-influencers or professionals; working hand by hand with someone else will always help you have higher exposure, increase your engagement and convert users. If you haven’t thought about this, it is time to get it done.



2020 was the year of virtual events: Zoom, IGTV, Lives, etc.

Well 2021 will continue this way, and we don’t even know for how long. It is very important to implement this type of content for users, keep growing your virtual community and always offer a lot of value in your communication.


Data storytelling

Companies are increasingly using data storytelling, not only to maintain their audience, but to reach more people.

Data has always been key in a digital marketing strategy, however this year we are seeing more transparency with results; companies are sharing data, looking to know more about their audience, and above all, personalizing these results.


These are only a few trends and predictions we will be seeing on 2021, however, they will not be the only ones. We believe 2021 will be a year of change; day by day, and month by month we will be learning something new to try.

So, if you haven’t considered all this in your digital strategy, it’s time to do it.



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