User-generated content (UGC) is any content organically created by a brand’s followers or consumers.

It can be any content, from comments on posts, shared images, and videos to blog posts and opinions.

But how can this benefit your marketing strategy?

This technique is one of the most effective to get and retain customers because the opinions and testimonials of consumers have a more significant impact on the purchase decision.

Some benefits of using this type of content in your marketing strategy are:

  1. You generate greater credibility and impact. Brands that use UGC create more trust than brands that don’t.
  2. You encourage engagement with your customers. Integrating this content into your strategy will make your customers feel special, motivating them to continue interacting with your brand.
  3. You know the level of satisfaction of your community. It is a way to determine if your customers are satisfied and to see if they have problems and preferences.
  4. You increase your sales. Trust and credibility towards the brand attract potential customers.


How to integrate it into your marketing strategy?

  1. Share the content on your social networks.
  2. Encourage your followers to post photos and videos of your products or services.
  3. Interact with shared content.
  4. Encourage participation with a hashtag.


Now that you know the benefits of implementing a correct UGC strategy put it to the test!

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