2022 is close, and with it, some changes for marketing in the digital world.

The new year is the ideal moment to start fresh, improve, and keep learning. But this doesn’t only apply to people, but businesses and trends in general.

As we all know, as new technologies, techniques, and algorithms arise, the digital scene is constantly changing, making this area in constant evolution. And believe us when we say that with the arrival of 2022, this will not be the exception since specialists in marketing are still facing a disrupted scene due to COVID-19.

In 2022 we must find new ways to digitally involve consumers after the pandemic while taking advantage of potential technological innovations.

Although we still aren’t sure about what will happen and its impact, we know that consumers will continue to be more challenging.

So, which are the trends you need to consider for your business in 2022? Here they are.

Own your audience.

With all the changes we’ve seen in the digital world, people will become more selective about their consumption since their expectations will grow. Gather all available data from your audience and make them loyal to your brand. 

Simplicity is all.

Filling your social media with excessive content is a thing from the past. Today, what matters the most is relevance and quality! Focus on providing quality content less frequently, but make sure it’s relevant, attractive, and that it benefits your audience.

Become a storyteller.

Consumers don’t want to hear how excellent your product or service is; they want to know much more. They want to hear how you will solve a specific problem or how people use and enjoy your service or product.

Optimize your content for search engines.

The first ads that show up on search engines, which usually come with an image and a description, are easy to find and usually solve what you are looking for without clicking somewhere else. For this to work, the information shown in your ads must match the information on your website so that users can visit your page when searching.

Optimize your content for voice search.

Voice search has become more prevalent in homes and mobiles, and it has led to one of the most significant changes in the use of keywords. From now on, when writing content, you must choose your keywords wisely, considering what people may ask when they use Siri or Alexa. By doing it, you will increase your visibility significantly.

Expand online reviews.

Reviews by word of mouth will make people come back, but while any company can talk about their products or services, user reviews can provide accurate and impartial remarks.

Use influencer marketing.

Yes, influencers are people who have a loyal and well-defined audience. And for influencer marketing to work, you don’t have to work hand-by-hand with a real star; you can look for someone with several followers, but above all, a passionate one.

Provide user-generated content.

Did you know more than 80% of consumer buying decisions are influenced by posts from other people on social media? User-generated content is GOLD, and it helps create trust within your audience, don’t underestimate it.

Are you ready for 2022? Because we are!

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