Remarketing is a strategy that allows you to work on specific and personalized advertising campaigns for users who have already visited your website. This strategy focuses on optimizing ROI, reaching users that for some reason haven’t completed the conversion.

December is the most expected month for businesses, since many of you already know, Christmas enhances economic activity. But of course, this year particularly, businesses online have higher expectations due to the pandemic and the situation we are living worldwide.

According to Salesforce, digital sales are expected to reach historic levels, with an increase of 30%.

Considering brands and businesses must focus all their efforts in their marketing and remarketing campaigns. Why? Because many believe the purchasing process is linear: sees the advertising campaign, clicks to open website, chooses the product and buys. If only it were that easy! However, the purchasing process of users nowadays is not easy at all, it requires a good marketing strategy in order to position a brand or business.

Remarketing campaigns are very successful, especially with events repeated year after year, like Christmas; through data acquired from our users (with the right use of pixels and analytics) we can obtain more insights about people who visit or have visited our website, offering them an added value so they can convert and finish the purchasing process.

In order to work on a good remarketing strategy, it is important to consider the following:

  1. Define the advertising campaign objectives.
  2. Segment your target market as specific as possible.
  3. Target your campaign towards all your visitors.
  4. Optimize conversions.
  5. Retarget those users who abandoned their cart or did not finish the purchasing process.


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