Many doctors and marketing agencies are working to effectively use social media to engage and communicate with patients and consumers. A well elaborated marketing strategy can really result on a positive communication and promotion in the healthcare field.


Users commonly rely on information found on the Internet to solve doubts, concerns and learn more about a specific condition. Other use it to research and share personal experiences with organizations and doctors. In the last few years, people have had the tendency to use social media to seek for the best doctor, specialist, hospital, treatment, or practices, as well as posting reviews or comments that support or discourage other users from choosing certain type of healthcare or medical attention.


With this in mind, it is imperative for doctors and healthcare organizations to have a social media profile where they can connect with readers by providing accurate information.


According to a survey conducted by Statista in 2018,  About 33% of U.S. physicians spent 17-24 minutes with their patients. In this time, the doctor has to communicate with the patient, give a diagnosis, provide a treatment, and talk about next steps; leaving little or no time to build trust and a relationship.

Being likable and accessible to your community and patients gives you a competitive edge, especially when a doctor’s appointment lasts no more than 25 minutes.


For example, the Instagram community of OBGYNs is very popular, and has empowered women to talk about their bodies and sexuality in social media. They are working on the doctor-patient relationship and fostering the trust and communication that users seek.


Instagram posts, especially in this field, have to be expertly curated, aesthetically amazing, and reflect the professional point of view with a personal touch. Some doctors train people to manage their account, while others look for companies that can provide a specific marketing strategy and work hand in hand to get the job done.


According to research from True North Custom, social media is now the most used channel for content distribution by healthcare brands, with 53% of brands posting at least once a day. Moreover, 75% of healthcare brands say they use social media advertising to engage audiences and distribute content.


Still having doubts about social media for doctors and healthcare? We can help. Fortunately, some of our clients are involved in the medical field and with a specialized and personalized marketing strategy, they have been able to position themselves in social media, grow an amazing and engaging community, forge trust and patient-doctor relationship, and their accounts have grown incredibly in a short time.