The Super Bowl is the final game of the regular season and the playoffs of the National Football League (NFL), in which the championship between the national and American conferences is defined.

Every year, tens of millions of people worldwide gather to see it. However, it is essential to note that this event has less reach on television than other larger-scale events.

Instead, its impact is seen in the commercial part and in what large companies invest so that their advertising is broadcast on the day of the event.

But what is the impact and reach of an announcement in the Super Bowl?

One of the reasons the event is so important is its commercial value, as many viewers watch the game for the halftime show and the series of commercials that appear announcing movies, brands, products, and more.

This day is vital for many businesses as they manage to reach a large number of consumers. Even a few weeks before the big event, many spots set aside for advertising commercials sell out.

Nowadays, a large part of the ads broadcast during the Super Bowl broadcast does not focus on talking about the products’ characteristics but instead seek to convey an idea and a story that connects with consumers, which is storytelling.

Some advantages of this type of advertising are:

– Build an emotional bond and increase trust with potential customers.

– Connect with the audience and encourage them to react.

– Inform, persuade, and sell effectively.


The cost per advertising space in a significant event like this is very high. However, many brands have opted for this advertising to make themselves known, increase sales and generate more consumer interaction.

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