Boost your digital strategy through videos

grabación de videos y material audiovisual

In today’s fast-changing digital world, incorporating videos into marketing strategies has become critical part to standing out from the crowd.

This phenomenon is supported not only by the interest of social media companies in launching specific tools for video content but also by the significant impact that audiovisual material has on information retention and user engagement.

In this context, the synergy between digital platforms and video has become essential, offering creators and brands an effective way to connect with their audiences.

Let’s look at some statistics supporting the importance of audiovisual material in digital marketing strategies.

Viewers report retaining 95% of the information presented in videos

This eye-opening statistic highlights video’s unique ability to communicate messages effectively and memorably.

More than 78% of viewers consume video content on a weekly basis, and an impressive 55% interact with audiovisual material on a daily basis

This data demonstrates the public’s attraction to the video format and openness to interacting with this type of content.

72% of consumers prefer to learn about a product or service through videos

The versatility of videos allows for a visual and detailed presentation that resonates with today’s consumer preferences.

You can get up to 66% more qualified leads when using audiovisual content in a marketing strategy

The ability to visually tell stories and create emotional connections helps to generate valuable leads and increase the effectiveness of a marketing strategy.

Adding videos to a website landing page can increase conversions by 18%

The presence of videos enhances the user experience and motivates action. In addition, this data shows that audiovisual material can be adapted to any type of strategy on different platforms.

Adding video to a website increases the average time users spend on the site

This shows how visual content keeps users engaged and interested, which increases the likelihood of converting them into actual customers.

Videos are shared 12 times more on social media than text and image content

This data shows that users are more likely to share powerful visual experiences than text-based content.

98% of viewers watch videos that explain products or services

The clarity and accessibility of information through video make this type of content an essential decision-making tool for consumers.

So, how important are videos in a marketing strategy?

This data proves that integrating videos into any brand or company’s strategy is not only a smart choice, but an imperative necessity to capture attention and build meaningful connections in a digitally saturated world.

Remember, visual storytelling breaks down barriers and is a powerful tool to stand out and engage audiences.

Don’t underestimate the power of videos in the digital era!

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