Increase your engagement with audiovisual content

It is no secret that nowadays video content has more impact on social media.

Brands are constantly creating video content, even apps have had to been updated in order to keep up with users, making social media platforms prioritize audiovisual content.

Amazing right?

Now, if we know video content is revolutionizing the digital world, why haven’t we implemented it in our strategies?

Is it because we are shy? Lack of ideas? No matter the reason why, it is time to put an end to excuses and start generating video content!

Believe us when we say video content is a GREAT way to increase your engagement.

We have to rake in consideration two aspects, on one side users are overwhelmed with so much information, that is why video cant rest their eyes and brains for a while. On the other side, video content increases brand engagement because it is versatile, easy to digest and, entertaining.

So, taking this in consideration, we can recognize that storytelling through video is a ery powerful tool in marketing. You can use this type of content to tell a story, convey your passion for the brand, and allow your audience to perceive the brand personality. It also increases engagement and forms a strong link between user and brand.

Are you still not convinced? Here we have 5 reasons why you should start generating video content.