Sampling is a strategy many brands use to get new and potential customers after trying a product or service.

It has been shown that those companies that give away samples of their products manage to increase their sales considerably and, in many cases, activate the principle of reciprocity since consumers feel that they have been given something and that they have to “pay” for it.

In addition, sampling goes much further since it works as a way to publicize the product and as an experience, turning the process into something especially memorable.

But what are the advantages of using this strategy?


1. Know the brand.

The consumer can try the product or service for free, which is difficult to refuse. In addition, three out of four consumers find out about the existence of the products thanks to this strategy.


2. Loyalty customers.

This strategy consists of offering an initial product to present another series of products later. In this way, if the client tries one of the services or products offered and is happy with the results, there will be a greater chance that they will purchase another.


3. Break barriers with the user.

One of the main reasons sampling is so adequate is because, by using a product or service that does not have any cost as a hook, it is possible to convince them to take out the first sample.


Now that you know the advantages of sampling, try it!