Shortly after Elon Musk’s controversial idea to charge for verifying Twitter accounts and having two-factor authentication, Mark Zuckerberg announced his new subscription plan focused on Instagram and Facebook content creators to verify accounts and boost their display.

This paid verification subscription service, Meta Verified, offers Instagram and Facebook users the chance to get a blue Twitter-like verification badge after presenting an official ID for authentication.

The Meta Verified subscription aims for content creators to increase their presence on these networks and build communities faster. For example, Instagram will offer three service options for creators: live videos, stories that support interaction with stickers and badges to identify subscribers.

But how does it work?

In addition to the payment, other requirements are needed, such as being over 18 years of age, having an active account, and showing a publication history that supports the profile. An official ID matching the profile name and account photo must also be submitted. Once the information has been received and verified, the authentication badge will be obtained.

Subscribing users will also be protected against phishing and direct access to customer service.

What is the advantage of being Meta Verified?

Being Meta Verified means that the identity on the Meta platforms has been verified by the company itself, which provides greater authenticity to the account. It also means that the profile will display a blue verification badge, which can help make it stand out and be found more easily by other users.

This service has been criticized by many, but those with this verification can stand out and obtain more benefits.

What do you think of this new modality?