5 key benefits of Instagram Reels

Shares, likes and comments… that used to be Instagram.

With time, this social network has shown us the key to draw users’ attention is in visual content; a much more attractive way to communicate with our audience. And now, with Instagram Reels, this communication is evolving.


Nowadays video content is the best way to tell your brands story and make it grow. Leaving aside big productions, Instagram Reels is a more human way to present your brand.


But what are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature that allows users to create short videos on Instagram. When using it, you can create 15-second video clips and share it with your followers in their stories, Explore Feed and save them on the new Reels tab on a user’s profile.

In addition, you can edit your videos directly form the app, add filters, effects, text, music and more.

These videos are meant to be short, fun and creative. Its main purpose is to entertain.

And believe us when we say Instagram Reels is here to stay.

Within such a short time, it is already changing the game of marketing in social media.

It is a great way to grow your business, and the only thing you need is creativity, fun and information.

With its arrival, Instagram Reels has created an increase of interest, generated new users and new businesses.

Brands must take advantage of this new feature and start creating content on Instagram Reels.

Using it will not only strengthen your relationship with current followers, but it will also bring a new audience, people that are looking for content easier to digest.

Besides, it is a great option to build relationships between brands, where they can collaborate with new talents and continue to explore every available tool Instagram Reels has for us.


5 key benefits of Instagram Reels:

  1. Visibility. Instagram has focused on providing an exclusive space for this type of content, and Instagram Reels have proven to be fun and attractive for all kinds of public.
  2. Share educational content. It is a great way to start on Instagram Reels, there are so many things to share with your followers, you can even help them learn a new skill.
  3. Showcase products. A short clip can be a great way to show your full catalogue. If you add text to every clip describing the function or benefit of each product, it will be even better since you will reach your audience in a more attractive way.
  4. Share behind the scenes content. This is a great way to help your audience understand who you are and why you sell these products. By doing it, you will increase trust and build a stronger relationship.
  5. Announce sales. By getting your videos on Explore Feed, users that are not your followers will be able to see your content…this is a great way to grab their attention. For this reason, the use of hashtags, text and content is important, with all these, you will reach the right people.


Be genuine and fun, stop thinking about big productions and show the human side of the business; it is time to stop trying to be perfect all the time… people love that!

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