KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) allow us to evaluate the performance of a marketing strategy according to previously established goals. The main objective of a KPI is to measure the results, in order to identify how to improve and make the right decisions in the strategy that is being used.

Now we will talk a little bit more about each of its stages, in which we focus in order to measure the success of our strategy, and how constant optimization allows us to make the right choices to continue offering optimal results.


Stage one: Awareness / positioning

In this first stage users are looking for information about a product or service and that is when they find us; Brand positioning allows users to recognize and quickly respond to campaigns and content.

Some KPIs that allow us to evaluate where we are standing as a Brand in digital media are: number of followers, current engagement of the account, blog visits, organic visits to the website and Email Marketing campaigns (open rates and CTR).


Stage two: Visibility

In this stage users already know about us.

Here is where we start measuring our work much more effectively and the strategy we are using. Having good visibility in search engines is key to improving our SEO position. New visits, length of visits, new followers and engagement helps us understand if we are doing a good job and which optimizations we have to consider in order to continue offering results.


Stage three: Engagement / interaction

In this stage users are already interested in our profile and start interacting with the account.

Here we can measure how effective is our content and how we are connecting with our users. These metrics are calculated based on conversion rates, comments, shares, likes, etc.


Stage four: Conversion

This is the stage where users finally convert by making the action expected from us. It is a very specific metric that allows us to evaluate if goals were accomplished successfully.

Sales conversion rate, traffic, downloads, campaign clicks, purchases, registered users, subscriptions, recurrent visits and repeated purchases are a few examples of conversion we can witness in digital media.


There are several KPIs and different strategies to evaluate its performance. However, this is the method that has worked better for us in order to offer our clients desired results.

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